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Bernese New York where high-level garments etc. were treated started the trade-in sale of garments in three stores (Shinjuku, Ginza, and Yokohama).

The discount coupon of 3,000 yen is passed in case of 5,000 yen, and the jacket (48,300 yen or more) when the suit (69,300 yen or more) is bought when it gets the trade-in the suit bought in this company or the jacket 1 point.
If the merchandise of 10,500 yen or more is bought, two original towels can be gotten for the trade-in of the women's wear.
Bringing in is one point times. Until June 7.

Received garments is exhibited in the free market, and when it is donated to the afforestation activity of Kenya, earnings are Iu.

The source
Bernese New York Ginza branch BARNEYS NEW YORK at = afternoon that there is guest who bought three suits by one trade-in for 450,000 yen, too of the 21st