The apparel company in the world concentrates on Bangladesh.
It is because attention has gathered in Bangladesh where the strike comes one after another in China that has been said, "Workshop of the world", the labor costs are cheaper than the inside and China where the raise in wages pressure rises, and a lot of work forces exist.
In the locale, "Bangladesh visit" where the apparel company of Japan visits the inspection in a body has been activated with the advancement of "Uniqlo".

- Brand concentration
Headquarters factory of needlework industry major "[Vieratekkusu]" that exists from capital Dhaka in Bangladesh to the north in [gajipu-ru] prefecture of several kilos. It queues up on each floor at the factory that is adjacent to the headquarters when hundreds of employees are narrow, and the work of cutting, sewing, and packing (packing), etc. is continued. Heat was filled in [kaide] and the workshop in the rainy season becoming lively of peculiar moisture and the employee.

When the woman of Islam clothes was looked, the sewing machine was appropriated to T-shirt of popular sport brand "PUMA" of Germany.
In the next line, the logo of private brand "L&Beautiful" of Ito Yokado is seen.
Besides this, G? of the NetherlandsSTAR, ESPRIT, and mark & spencer?It is Japan and familiar [fasutofasshonburando] is mustering.

"The production of clothes is undertaken from the brand of Africa, Japan, and every country in the world centering on Europe and America. "
The [a-san] Cavill khan vice president of this company puts his chest. Consolidated net sales of this company have kept growing up by 30% every year after 2005.

- Pay 1/4 or less
"Has a Bangladesh visit already been finished?"

"Bangladesh visit" is a key word in the apparel business in Japan now.
A corporate person in charge came to visit the pair of several inspection to obtain local information in the Dhaka office of Japan trade promotion mechanism (JETRO) after last year every week.

The chance was an entry into production of Fast Retailing that handled popular brand "Uniqlo".
Fast Retailing started the establishment of a consistent system of production as the production management office was established in Bangladesh in 08, and the merchandise procurement in Bangladesh was begun in 09. "The following move" of top Japan stimulated other enterprises.

About why is Japanese firm attracted to Bangladesh of the least developed country where the poorest segment of the population goes up to 70 million people or more like this?

The best reason is in getting rid of from current "Ultra China 1 concentration".
Japan also includes also by Uniqlo, and depends on China for 90 percent or more of the apparel import.
Employee's pay improving problem becomes aggravated on the other hand in China, and there is a voice with "Production in China doesn't catch up" (person in charge of Japanese Company) due to worker shortage, too.

Average wages of the worker in Dhaka are monthly sum 35?78 dollars (about 3100?7,000 yen) according to JETRO.
Shanghai exceeds 300 dollars (about 27,000 yen) and 1/4 or less ..the comparison...
In addition, a domestic population that keeps increasing rapidly from 160 million present people supports manpower below.
The domestic needlework industry is said that it will exceed 5000, and there is technological accumulation, too.

- The boom continues for ten years.
"Ten years might continue to the boom of the Bangladesh advancement in the future. "

The khan vice president declares so.

H&M and Spain ZARA, etc. in Sweden start advancing in around 2000, and the production shift from China is strengthened to Bangladesh.
The investment of such a foreign company is received, and real GDP (gross domestic product) growth rate keeps about 6%.
The influence of the simultaneous slowdown of the world economy was not so received.

U.S. brokerage firm major "Goldman Sachs" only enumerated Bangladesh in the least developed country in emerging economies "NEXT11" in which BRICs such as China and India was followed.

However, the maintenance of the infrastructure such as roads and electric powers still has a long way to go in Bangladesh.
English is more necessary than China where Japanese is understood for the negotiation.
Still, the person in charge of the enterprise is visiting Bangladesh from the sense of crisis to "Chinese risk" that is one ultra concentration of the production foothold on China.

"(The center of production :) The following in Bangladesh might have only Bangladesh from China in Bangladesh. "
Khan vice president's word sounded powerfully.


Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
An overseas, popular, casual major advances to 21 districts in successive Yokohama and Minatomirai (MM).
Henes and Moritz (H&M) in Sweden is about the first ten days of September.
A store is opened in the Yokohama landmark plaza. British Top Shop entered the final adjustment with the developer in the direction that moved in the commercial facility of the practice schedule for this autumn in the same district. Both branch shops outside Tokyo are the first time.
The competition of a popular brand that overheats in the center of a city seems to start also in Yokohama.

H&M enters 3 and the fourth floor of the landmark plaza from JR Sakuragicho Station from which being at 5 minutes on foot.
An existing tenant will finish the withdrawal and the relocation in facilities by June. Construction for the practice will start in the future.
In Top Shop, TOC is a under discussion in front of Sakuragicho Station as for the branch shop in the complex of the under construction.
The floor space and good traded, etc. are consulted. Valid publication is scheduled by the end of June.


Japan is good country!
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It was announced that H&M of Fastofasshombrand from Sweden opened the store that became the first in Kanagawa Prefecture in the beginning of September in the landmark plaza (Yokohamashi Nishiku Minatomirai) on the 17th. The Yokohama branch becomes two floors (landmark plaza 3F and 4F), and store space is about 2200 square meters. Ladies'..besides.  The kids merchandise that becomes the first time develops in Japan, too.

H&M the first in Japan lands in September, 2008. The Harajuku branch was opened in continuing November, and both keen attention was collected. This brand announces that the store that becomes the first in Kansai is developed with Osaka and Shinsaibashi besides the Shinjuku shop where a Shibuya branch that becomes, Shin-Misato, and the first flagship shop until the autumn of 2009 and a full concept are stored is opened in 2010.

Japan is good country!
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