Fast Retailing announced that 50 percent of about 500 kinds of merchandise this summer in low-priced garments shop "G.U." with was adjusted to 990 yen or less on the second.

Sales advance rapidly after putting jeans on the market of 990 yen in March, and 990 yen merchandise is increased with clothes etc. for women.
Domestic same-store sales of main force's "Uniqlo" in May become the this moon proportion 18.3% increase of the previous year, too and the winner-take-all of this company leads to the clothes marketplace.

Same-store sales of Gayu are serial for three months and the log linguas as for an increase of the proportion 70% or more at the previous year during the March-May.
990 yen jeans sell by the pace that the sale clock ..drawing.. becomes the ratio twice 100 Manmoto a year, and sales of another merchandise have picked up by an increase in ..jeans.. number of customers of aims, too.

Gayu puts the new product such as tunics (dress with short height) that become the skirts that were 1490-1990 yen on the market for 990 yen this month conventionally though a part of super-so on moves to the clothes price cut, too.
T-shirt and the camisole will be put on the market sequentially for 490 yen by July.

It aims at the achievement of the top line 50 billion yen for the period on August, 2013.

In Tokyo on the second, brand "G.U. (Gayu)" of Fast Retailing in which "990 yen jeans" becomes a hit ..with "Uniqlo" in the subsidiary.. ..the group.. ..the low price and casual.. holds the new product briefing. It was announced to develop T-shirt arranged by 100 blades and four blade 12 color camisole, etc. as "Expansion of 490 yen merchandise" besides the tunic and the Cargo half pants, etc. were turned on to 990 yen merchandise. As a result, half the number of the handling item becomes 990 yen or less. President Shuichi Nakashima of the GOV retailing that attended briefing showed confidence to a new lineup , saying that "The lineup to be able to coordinate the total for 10,000 yen or less per four family was arranged".

This brand announces jeans of 990 yen as part of "New pricing strategy" in March this year. It becomes "The established store sales during the March-May are the proportion 170% or more of a serial previous year" (president Nakashima) by the impact of this merchandise, and 990 yen jeans record sales that become twice or more plan at first. Moreover, this company is an upward revision lingua in 100 Manmoto who is twice conventional as for the sales plan during the year of this merchandise.

Five items in total such as 2WAY tiered tunics and cropped pants, and for men is five items such as sports T-shirts and the half pants, and three items such as tunics and Capri pants in new this time for the girl.  for women the announced 990 yen merchandise series second stepMoreover, the bag packing was turned on as small articles.

Moreover, five items and for men such as T-shirts and camisoles are two T-shirt items.  for women 490 yen lineup that puts the impression this brand as for the strategy promoted "Extraordinary"

This company assumes, "Aim at the top line 50 billion yen and the system of 200 stores for the period on August, 2013" with these low-priced merchandise as the weapon.

- 9500 yen is coordinated in four families.

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