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(23)However, Kajime Ima Sue 2 was enumerated. It surfaces in 3rd place and it surfaces to the suppression prize rank head position ended Ishikawa (17). In Bridgestone sports (BS) that placed a contract, sales of three tuck pants of the Ikeda patronage were decided.

63 of the self best. Ikeda defeated Yasuharu Imano who had queued up with a total of 21 under by playoff 2 hall eyes.

「How much can I only extend because I understood extends it?The playoff is after a long time. It was happy. 」。A snappish way of talking is contrasted with Ishikawa.
The dowel dowel pants to mimic Soshi Ozaki who yearns by the crew cut are not seen very 23 years old.

However, three tuck pants of smell Pmpn at the Showa era steal the limelight part from the golfer now. To tell the truth, the inquiry concerning three tuck pants pours in to BS immediately after "Japanese professional championship" the tour the first victory of Ikeda. When this trial product was announced to the exhibition of the model in this company in the summer of the spring of next year held in July, a lot of orders were received, and sales from next winter were decided.

Mainstream and no tuck was "Extinction verge" now in the 90's that jumbo had won the championship by tour though it was popular among middle-aged golferStill, the expectation is great in the this company Public Relations Department , saying that "Movement Yasui 3 tuck is sold". Do the inside where the golf fashion of a vivid color is favoured and three reversing tucks become booms because of gaining power of Ishikawa and the visual rockers girl professional?Ikeda blows in new breath to the golf field.

- Yuta Ikeda of 23 years active with three tuck pants of smell Pmpn of "Showa era".   jpg

- Bridgestone sports (BS) Http://

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(headquarters and Okayamashi Kitaku) does by the brand name of "BOBSON (Bobson)" to the other companies in September has understood the seventh.

The name with which it is thought that the bottom line depression by the competition with cheap jeans in recent years is a reason, and was familiar for about 40 years will be inherited assigning ahead in the future.

It is a Tokyo internal enterprise according to this company that advances the conference assigning ahead that handles the consultant etc. of the corporate restructuring. When this enterprise establishes the subsidiary that does the jeans manufacturing and the sales business, and the brand is inherited, it is Iu. Bobson continues the business centering on the license manufacturing and sales of the children's wear brand.

The school uniform manufacturer of the antecedent having started producing in 1970 starts from jeans of Bobson. It developed, and it became a hit to jeans that were the cotton 100% in the deployment and 71 the 90's "Bobson" brand soft jeans that had mixed the rayon. Bobson General Affairs Department assumes, "It was thought that you should expect it of restructuring with the new company though the brand that had been loved long".  (The Yomiuri Shimbun at 13:01 August 7, 2009. )

- Bobson

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(38)It has been understood that and the arrested husband are testifying to the gist with "The wife also is using the stimulant".

Suspect husband Yuichi Takaso (41) became missing as for suspect Sakai immediately after being caught in the act of the stimulant possession on the third.

Suspect Takaso is testifying to the gist "The wife also is using the stimulant" to the examination, and a small amount of stimulant and the suction instrument are confiscated from suspect Sakai's home.

Therefore, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is chasing whereabouts by the one that suspect Sakai's warrant for the arrest was taken on the suspicion of the Stimulants Control Law breach.

"Daiei" of in such and a super major issued instructions to the store in whole country 70 to remove about 150 merchandise items of garments brand "PPrikorino" to which suspect Noriko Sakai did production from the shop on the evening of the seventh.

"PPrikorino" had treated T-shirt 30-in one's forties for women and the merchandise such as the skirts.

- Example of merchandise of reference/PPrikorino

- It seems to be becoming "403" now PPrikorino → *.

- Daiei(8263)

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It first puts on the market at the Seibu Shibuya branch on September 9, and it expands it to the Seibu Ikebukuro head office and the Sogo Yokohama branch.
Sales of 120 million yen are expected at the first year.

The part such as styling, the sizes, and cloths that was able to be specified was patterned.
The one that is called "Pattern order suit", and it is Yasui by 20 percent or more compared with a usual order suit of the department store. 18,000 kinds of customizing is possible and Iu.  sustain the high quality

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The right is for 30 years old for 45 ..left of (Though all are similar images).. years old.  

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It was announced that it stated, and it had been decided on the same day. Liabilities are 5.7 billion yen. When the financing came to a standstill, it is Iu.

It is established in August, 1948, and in this company, correspondence is delayed also behind the change in user's buymanship besides the major discount house who is the main customer falls in the slump, and the top line a setback though clothes in a wide field have been sold from the underwear to the jacket. It came to put out the dishonored bill of the first time in July this year though the real estate clearance and the employment cost reduction, etc. had been executed.

When did the clarification of no advancement by the financing negotiation with the financial institution etc. , and the working capital fund shortages, it is Iu though the effort of the financing has been continued as the consolidated subsidiary divests it.

TSE announced that they stopped the buying and selling of Silver OX temporarily at 8:20AM because the announcement concerning the statement of the bankruptcy procedure start had been done on the first.


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