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An overseas, popular, casual major advances to 21 districts in successive Yokohama and Minatomirai (MM).
Henes and Moritz (H&M) in Sweden is about the first ten days of September.
A store is opened in the Yokohama landmark plaza. British Top Shop entered the final adjustment with the developer in the direction that moved in the commercial facility of the practice schedule for this autumn in the same district. Both branch shops outside Tokyo are the first time.
The competition of a popular brand that overheats in the center of a city seems to start also in Yokohama.

H&M enters 3 and the fourth floor of the landmark plaza from JR Sakuragicho Station from which being at 5 minutes on foot.
An existing tenant will finish the withdrawal and the relocation in facilities by June. Construction for the practice will start in the future.
In Top Shop, TOC is a under discussion in front of Sakuragicho Station as for the branch shop in the complex of the under construction.
The floor space and good traded, etc. are consulted. Valid publication is scheduled by the end of June.


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Each gentlemen's suit company is making efforts to the development of "Suit that can be washed at home". The voice of the white-collar worker "When it is dirty because of the sweat and rain or the type collapses, I want to wash easily" is made the best use of from the rainy season to the midsummer, and merchandise that uses new material appears.

It is at Konaka that preceded. As for the wool 100% of the sale, "Shower clean suit. " and (35,000 yen-) in February, '08, the sweat and dirt are almost flushed only in the place where the warm water is put in the shower, and doing the ironing is also unnecessary. When flushing it, . ..the use of a special cloth to make the inside become hollow.. ..the Mizunuki Keo good spit.. ..passing...

Hit that receives by such a device, and sells 60,000 last year. Sowings are expanded this year, and 150,000 sales including for women are planned.

As for "Premium wash suit" (18,900 yen-) that AOKI put on the market in April, washing with the washing machine whole is also possible. This company speaks with "It is popular in respect of the saving and the environmental correspondence of the dry-cleaning charge". The wool 100% in addition to a function similar as for Aoyama Trading "Aqua wash suit. " and (40,950 yen-) put on the market in the Kanto region in May is features and Iu.

Takashimaya puts the joint development lingua "Veil line. " and (71,400 yen) on the market with Onward Kashiyama also at the department store in March. The hybrid material of the special processing lingua wool and polyester is used, and it is Iu , saying that "It ..quality.. has Caze each other and durability".

- "Shower clean suit" counter http://mainichi.jp/life/fashion/news/images/20090616k0000m020104000p_size5.jpg of Konaka that became front running of "Suit that can be washed"

- Source

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Eddy that develops "Eddy Bauer" in Japan responding to U.S. casual clothes specialty store eddy Bauer Holdings's requesting application of the U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Act
・Bauer Japan (Tokyo and Setagaya) is the clarification linguas on the 18th when it continues as for business of 64 shops in Japan.

The wholly-owned subsidiary of mail order company Otto in Germany and (same as above) of Japan Otto assume 70 percent for the problem on the capital contribution Shite descending and the financial affairs side not to exist either to this company.

- Eddy Bauer Japan

- Japan Otto

- Source

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This brand opens the flagship shop in Rondon in New York and 07 in 06, and Paris is the third shop in Europe and America.
The schedule ground is a downtown corner that builts in Paris and the vicinity of the opera house long-established department store "Gallery La Fayette" and "Pramten" and queues up. 200 employees are spoken in the offering and this company in the locale for opening a store, "Make efforts to the staff development as a global flagship shop".

Uniqlo opens a small-scale store of about 200 square meters in the shopping mall of redevelopment district "La Defense" of Paris suburbs in France in December, '07, and sells a handy Capra hircus product besides the regular assortment such as jeans.
A Japanese boom is accompanied, too and support from a wide generation is won.
Designer's Mr. Satoucashiwa takes charge of the Paris flagship shop as well as Rondon and New York and Mr. Masamichi Katayama of produce and "Wonder wall" takes charge of interior design.
Mr./Ms. Katayama is handling redecorating select shop "Collet" of Paris in 08.

Moreover, a famous designer and Mr. JIL SANDER are connected with the consulting agreement worldwide in March, and the world sale in Uniqlo has been scheduled since the winter of this autumn.

The source
http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?"Paris global flagship shop" image http://ca.c.yimg.jp/news/20090622185222/img of a=20090622-00000009-maiall-bus_all Uniqlo.   news.yahoo.co.jp/images/20090622/maiall/20090622-00000009-maiall-bus_all-view-000.jpg

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Movement to extend between application phases during the June-September has extended to the enterprise by "CoolBiz" that suppresses air-conditioning and advances the energy saving. The heat seemed to continue until the early fall, and casual attire that did not wear the necktie and the jacket to be established in the backdrop.

Sanyo Electric makes this year and the Culbiz period from the 1st to the end of October of June, and extends it for one month from last year that is up to the end of September. The reason for Osaka Prefecture in the headquarters that is is that there was a summer day of 25 degrees or more in the maximum air temperature for 15 days last October, and this company :. 「Because the day felt that it is hot in October is a lot of, it extends. The reduction of power saving and the heat-trapping gas can be expected. 」It makes it. 

Panasonic is a decision as for the period in each business establishment. The employee it was ..luff.. Yosoo comparatively introduced Culbiz on May 1 front loaded Shite such as a lot of marketing department hilums (Tokyo) that were this year for one month.
It was assumed that Sharp was six months of the end of a lot of May 1 two months from last year that was - October.

It can be said that the situation to date also has the enterprise that makes the period an April-November etc. Okinawa inside a prefecture as Okinawa Electric Power etc. , and the enterprise that extends for the period is going north.

On the other hand, Takashimaya extends the period when the temperature of air-conditioning is set to 28 degrees in all shops to about four times from June 1 to last year of September until the end based on casual attire's established with Culbiz that started in the summer of 05 years of this year. Only the setting of 28 degrees is 1 month of July 7th - August 6th until last year, and when it was 26-27 degrees, other inside of a store of summer is Iu.

The source
Http://mainichi.jp/select/weathernews/news/20090621k0000e020028000c.html With Kyoto City Office Maehiroba of Culbizfasshonshor = Kyotoshi Nakagyoku that Ministry of the Environment held http://mainichi.jp/select/weathernews/news/images/20090622k0000m020046000p_size5.jpg.

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It was announced that H&M of Fastofasshombrand from Sweden opened the store that became the first in Kanagawa Prefecture in the beginning of September in the landmark plaza (Yokohamashi Nishiku Minatomirai) on the 17th. The Yokohama branch becomes two floors (landmark plaza 3F and 4F), and store space is about 2200 square meters. Ladies'..besides.  The kids merchandise that becomes the first time develops in Japan, too.

H&M the first in Japan lands in September, 2008. The Harajuku branch was opened in continuing November, and both keen attention was collected. This brand announces that the store that becomes the first in Kansai is developed with Osaka and Shinsaibashi besides the Shinjuku shop where a Shibuya branch that becomes, Shin-Misato, and the first flagship shop until the autumn of 2009 and a full concept are stored is opened in 2010.

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Fast Retailing announced that 50 percent of about 500 kinds of merchandise this summer in low-priced garments shop "G.U." with was adjusted to 990 yen or less on the second.

Sales advance rapidly after putting jeans on the market of 990 yen in March, and 990 yen merchandise is increased with clothes etc. for women.
Domestic same-store sales of main force's "Uniqlo" in May become the this moon proportion 18.3% increase of the previous year, too and the winner-take-all of this company leads to the clothes marketplace.

Same-store sales of Gayu are serial for three months and the log linguas as for an increase of the proportion 70% or more at the previous year during the March-May.
990 yen jeans sell by the pace that the sale clock ..drawing.. becomes the ratio twice 100 Manmoto a year, and sales of another merchandise have picked up by an increase in ..jeans.. number of customers of aims, too.

Gayu puts the new product such as tunics (dress with short height) that become the skirts that were 1490-1990 yen on the market for 990 yen this month conventionally though a part of super-so on moves to the clothes price cut, too.
T-shirt and the camisole will be put on the market sequentially for 490 yen by July.

It aims at the achievement of the top line 50 billion yen for the period on August, 2013.

Japan Marketing Association opened the 1st victory ceremony of "Japanese marketing grand prize" that commended an excellent marketing activity in Tokyo on the second, and gave the grand prize to Fast Retailing that developed casual garments shop "Uniqlo" that worked on development and sales of functionality undergarment "Heat Tec".

A Yanai positive president of this company that attends the victory ceremony「I am very honored to be chosen the grand prize. All employees are encouraged. 」The table lingua of pleasure.

"Heat Tec" became a smash hit that sold 28 million pieces in last winter by the efficient undergarment that steam that the body originates was absorbed and the material kept warm with the exoergic.

In Tokyo on the second, brand "G.U. (Gayu)" of Fast Retailing in which "990 yen jeans" becomes a hit ..with "Uniqlo" in the subsidiary.. ..the group.. ..the low price and casual.. holds the new product briefing. It was announced to develop T-shirt arranged by 100 blades and four blade 12 color camisole, etc. as "Expansion of 490 yen merchandise" besides the tunic and the Cargo half pants, etc. were turned on to 990 yen merchandise. As a result, half the number of the handling item becomes 990 yen or less. President Shuichi Nakashima of the GOV retailing that attended briefing showed confidence to a new lineup , saying that "The lineup to be able to coordinate the total for 10,000 yen or less per four family was arranged".

This brand announces jeans of 990 yen as part of "New pricing strategy" in March this year. It becomes "The established store sales during the March-May are the proportion 170% or more of a serial previous year" (president Nakashima) by the impact of this merchandise, and 990 yen jeans record sales that become twice or more plan at first. Moreover, this company is an upward revision lingua in 100 Manmoto who is twice conventional as for the sales plan during the year of this merchandise.

Five items in total such as 2WAY tiered tunics and cropped pants, and for men is five items such as sports T-shirts and the half pants, and three items such as tunics and Capri pants in new this time for the girl.  for women the announced 990 yen merchandise series second stepMoreover, the bag packing was turned on as small articles.

Moreover, five items and for men such as T-shirts and camisoles are two T-shirt items.  for women 490 yen lineup that puts the impression this brand as for the strategy promoted "Extraordinary"

This company assumes, "Aim at the top line 50 billion yen and the system of 200 stores for the period on August, 2013" with these low-priced merchandise as the weapon.

- 9500 yen is coordinated in four families.

- g.u. http://www.gu-japan.com/

- Source
The settlement of accounts at the period of one - March that U.S. Polo Ralph Lauren of New York (Dow-Jones) high-level apparel major announced on the 27th (4th quarter at the period on March, 2009) became decreased earnings of 57%. The marketplace expectation was exceeded though having post valuation loss and the restructuring expense related to the store by 69 million dollars in total sounded.

March..period..top line..grider..Daigo..setback..become..reduction rate..marketplace..expectation..grow..expectation..do.Moreover, because the situation with opaque future of the economic environment continued, the profit outlook was not shown.
In the average expectation that Thomson Reuters brought together, the top line is 4.68 billion dollars of corresponding ratio to the previous year 4% decrease.
It was described that uncertainties in the outlook of the economic environment were expected to continue to COO (COO) of Roger Farah, Inc. until end of the period of March, '10.

In the net profit at the period of one - March, 44.5 million dollars (Corresponding period of the last year is 103.5 million dollars), and the 1 strain profits are 44 cents (1 dollar).
Charges of valuation loss and the restructuring expense, etc. are post by 42 cents per 1 strain.

The top line was 1.22 billion dollars of corresponding ratio to the previous year 1.3% decrease.

In the expectation of the average of the analyst that Thomson Reuters totaled, the 1 strain profits were 40 cents, and the top line was the billion 90 million dollars.

The gross margin rate decreases from 54.3% of corresponding period of the last year to 51.8%. Wholesale, a profit ratio decrease in the retail division, and dollar high so on affected.

Sales of the wholesale sector composed of sales to the department store and other retail stores increase 3%.
On the other hand, 8% decrease and same-store sales became 16% decreases as for the top line in the retail division.
The top line in the store of flagship brand "Ralph Lauren" is 29% setback lingua.
This company is advancing the closure of the store.

The closing price on the 27th of the this company share is 54.03 dollars of the (0.64%) down of the proportion 0.35 dollars the day before. As for the stock value of this company, about 1/3 was lost in the past eight months.
Still, it rises by about 70% after the low price after an interval of 4 and a half years was quoted last November.

The source
Seiyu held the fashion show in Tokyo and Harajuku on the fourth. In garments of "Shape in Yasui's" and super, it is an aim that it appeals that the fashion is also high.
A low-priced route is strengthened, and on the other hand, the department store of each circulation company to which sales languish where the quality and the design have been made a selling point is pushed to the specialty store such as Uniqlo and when user's mind is gripped, is all-out.

In the show of Seiyu, models who appear one after another in the stage according to music announce the dress of the pattern and the embroidery blouse etc. of an ethnical tune. Everything is sold by an original brand from Britain in the shop etc.

It was unusual that the supermarket held the fashion show, and COO Toru Noda of this company described, "It is one method to hold the show in the place where the people that the sensibility is high compared with garments gathered that told a new approach".

- Laforet Museum Harajuku in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo at image/afternoon of the fourth

- Seiyu..code.

- Source
The shoes specialty store major abc mart announced on the third the purchase lingua 23.3% of the issued stock of garments specialty store United Arrows. It became purchase head of shareholders 6 billion 571 million yen from abc founder and Masahiro's Miki personal asset companies. As a result, United Arrows becomes the equity method application company of the abc.

The plan that dispatches the director for the know-how purchase of the fashion and buys the share and increases is Iu according to the abc if now, it is not. United Arrows has introduced the acquisition defense measures in April.

- Abc..mart..code.

- United Arrows..code.

- Source
Triumph International Japan Ltd. (Tokyo and Ota) started the sale of the dress seen in the yukata style by putting on the haori coat of the attachment by company store "Amos tile".
It is easily put on compared with the yukata and it doesn't lose shape. The purse (purse) and the cingulum are sets and the suggested retail price is 3045 yen.

The proprietary name is "Yukata style dress. "The cingulum of the solid color made from the dress, the haori coat, the purse Toya straw without sleeves made from the same cloth or the cloth makes a set.
Modalities of the blade such as dresses are four modalities of the Viburnum macrophyllum in cherry blossoms and the white ground.  the carp-lice and pink ground the Chrysanthemum frutescens L. and Kuroji in the indigoIt is put on only by connecting the cingulum putting on the haori coat on the dress.

The source
The http://www.nikkei.co.jp/newpro/news/20090604e000y89804.html image

- Trimp
2009/5/27 "Yukata style dress" new of 'AMO 'S STYLE (Amos tile)' sale http://www.triumphjapan.com/release/product/20090527.html dress is transformed to the yukata http://www.triumphjapan.com/release/product/image/20090527_02.jpg. 


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