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A specialist outside the company set it up dated of a day in June .."Advisory board" that heard the opinion.. on the 12th Renown of the mainstay apparel manufacturer reconstructing management, and it was fashion designer Coshinohiroco in the member, and four ..assembly member of the Democratic Party of Hasmoyai the House of Councilors.. people were announced the choice.

Other members are Ichiro Kishida Mr. Shosuke, fashion director Ishizu and the media producer, and the contract term is one year. When the opinion that raises the brand value is expressed through the advice of an overseas strategy and the Pulmonary regurgitation etc. , it is Iu. Mr. Koshino : at a press interview. 「Woman's aspect is also important. I want to make seeming Renown obediently. 」It spoke.  

Renown retires by all directors such as presidents in general meetings of stockholders dated May 28, and is typing out the system to attempt the management renewal under the new president in one's forties.

- Conference of advisory board inauguration of Renown. Mr. Shosuke Ishizu, Minoru Kitahata management planning Director-General of president assumption schedule, Coshinohiroco, and Ichiro Kishida from the left

- Assembly member of Hasmoyai the House of Councilors

- Renown..code.



前のカテゴリはPolo Ralph Laurenです。