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The settlement of accounts at the period of one - March that U.S. Polo Ralph Lauren of New York (Dow-Jones) high-level apparel major announced on the 27th (4th quarter at the period on March, 2009) became decreased earnings of 57%. The marketplace expectation was exceeded though having post valuation loss and the restructuring expense related to the store by 69 million dollars in total sounded.

March..period..top line..grider..Daigo..setback..become..reduction rate..marketplace..expectation..grow..expectation..do.Moreover, because the situation with opaque future of the economic environment continued, the profit outlook was not shown.
In the average expectation that Thomson Reuters brought together, the top line is 4.68 billion dollars of corresponding ratio to the previous year 4% decrease.
It was described that uncertainties in the outlook of the economic environment were expected to continue to COO (COO) of Roger Farah, Inc. until end of the period of March, '10.

In the net profit at the period of one - March, 44.5 million dollars (Corresponding period of the last year is 103.5 million dollars), and the 1 strain profits are 44 cents (1 dollar).
Charges of valuation loss and the restructuring expense, etc. are post by 42 cents per 1 strain.

The top line was 1.22 billion dollars of corresponding ratio to the previous year 1.3% decrease.

In the expectation of the average of the analyst that Thomson Reuters totaled, the 1 strain profits were 40 cents, and the top line was the billion 90 million dollars.

The gross margin rate decreases from 54.3% of corresponding period of the last year to 51.8%. Wholesale, a profit ratio decrease in the retail division, and dollar high so on affected.

Sales of the wholesale sector composed of sales to the department store and other retail stores increase 3%.
On the other hand, 8% decrease and same-store sales became 16% decreases as for the top line in the retail division.
The top line in the store of flagship brand "Ralph Lauren" is 29% setback lingua.
This company is advancing the closure of the store.

The closing price on the 27th of the this company share is 54.03 dollars of the (0.64%) down of the proportion 0.35 dollars the day before. As for the stock value of this company, about 1/3 was lost in the past eight months.
Still, it rises by about 70% after the low price after an interval of 4 and a half years was quoted last November.

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