The number of young women who put on the panty hose (panty hose) has decreased. The number of home manufactures is sharp decline linguas in about 1/4 in ten years. It seems to be a cause that the diversification of the leg wear advances, and "Leggings" and "Torenca" have gained power.

Panty hoses that had been produced domestically in 2009 were 100,002,700 Mansoku according to Japan Socks & Stockings Manufacturers Association.
Burst size became about 1/4 during year for 05 years in ten years of 400,007,700 Mansoku 200,000,070 Mansoku and 1999 years.

The person in charge is Iu , saying that "Stockingless legs, leggings, and Torenca became popular young women, and it did not put on the panty hose".
The manufacturer is serious when decreasing drastic in the so much. 「The deficit only in the panty hose. The production of leggings, Torenca, and the undergarment is hardened, and sales are kept. 」It reveals it. 

- Is the stockingless legs boom an influence?
The publicist of Gunze is Iu , saying that "Burst size of the panty hose has decreased surely".
After there is trend that trend of outer fashion influences, and "Life foot" starts a boom to gaining power of casual fashion in the 1990's, merchandise around foot is "Right shoulder fall"

Sales of the total of the leg wear have not decreased greatly because leggings and Torenca sell though sales of the panty hose dropped. The publicist expects that leggings and Torenca will continue in the winter of the autumn of 2010.
However, it is Iu because "Length of height" changes in the trend when there is a difficulty that it doesn't keep making a type as the same as the panty hose.

It is ATSUGI (present Atsugi) that marketed the panty hose for the first time domestically in 1968.
Stockings till then had the difficult point such as seeing the belt part when it was easy to slip down by the type stopped with the garter belt, and put on the miniskirt. The panty hose that eliminated the worry became one big boom.

However, burst size of the panty hose has decreased compared with the season, and the publicist speaks with "User's sense of value has changed as indicated in the stockingless legs boom after the 90's" also in Atsugi.

Has the possibility of the panty hose regression risen?
On the other hand, the Atsugi publicist is a fashion of the leg wear named leggings and Torenca, and it is expected that the moderation of the panty hose marketplace puts the brakes.
「It has become accustomed to young woman's who has not put on the panty hose either wearing to the foot. It is thought that the possibility of recurring to the panty hose by the chance of something has risen most after the boom of stockingless legs. 」

This company..woman..panty hose..concern..have..communications..activity..start.
"Panty hose girl part" is formed on the web, and the implementation of "Panty hose allowance 10,000 yen campaign" that puts out the panty hose allowance of 10,000 yen for three people of every day until March, 20th through June, 20th, 2010. Communications are scheduled to be developed in the future.

In addition, the publicist of Fukusuke also speaks so.
「The alternative of Torenca, leggings, and the leg wear extends recently, and the number of women who positively enjoy dressing up has increased though's feet was one plain panty hose color before the age. The person that there is resistance on the bare foot also had come out in around the foot a young woman who awoke fashionable, and the editor of a women's magazine said that a young woman had returned to a plain panty hose recently. 」

Japan is good country!
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Bra the top

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The breast is popular and inner of beautifully stained to Kima and the camisole and the tank top of brassiere cups is popular also in braless.
It is being put on the market by various manufacturers with "Bra the top" of Uniqlo at the top.
After all, a popular reason among the woman is "Easy. "

- The tunic and the dress appear, too.
"Bra the top" of Uniqlo is an article in great demand of selling three million pieces in the summer of 2008, and having become a shortage of stock.
The color of infused tea and the variation of the design were expanded in May, '09.
The one that brassiere cups combined with trust obligation participating securities, and there are a camisole, a tank top, and a tube top, etc.
There are a tunic and a dress with long one height put on, too. The color deployment is enriched, and 14 the greatest colors a item are arranged.

It did not sell so much first though this company had treated top bra since 05 years.
「The cognizance degree seemed to be low, and there to be an anxiety to not putting on the brassiere. However, the breast increases and the number of customers named Kima has increased beautifully when it is known since about 07, and it puts it on. 」(publicist)Moreover, there is a person who is heavily clothed recently as the dishabille and puts it on as outer though there were at first a lot of use as inner, too.
It undertakes it from a young woman to a wide age group for middle and advanced age.

"Inner with the cup" is Mujirushi-Ryohin "It is popular in the expansion of the proportion 110% of the previous year".
The cloth was thickened, and it was made not to fit the body too much so that it was put on as outer.
Peach John also is progressing the item with various cups to the undergarment manufacturer in the catalog of the issue in the summer of 09 years.
There are Cami of a fashionable total race and a tunic, etc. that can cover time of the waist even if it shows it from a colorful camisole type. There is one dress type that attaches the cup and is put on, too.

"If it is not a brassiere, a beautiful breast to So help me cannot be made. "?
The written contents in 09 March 21th - April 27ths in "Top bra is and it is Raku and there is terribly no stress according to clothes though bra is done. " and "T-shirt that greatly opens the origin of minute body T-shirt of sprightliness or the neck or ..seeming anyway (The brassiere :) transparent.. & absolutely puts on this top bra in trust obligation participating securities that seem to be seen. " and "Yahoo wisdom bag" of year.
The person in charge of peach John (PJ) product development sees the reason why inner with the cup becomes popular so.
「It finishes being easier than it puts on a bra to the first. Recently, loose clothes' of which the line of the body doesn't go out obtaining citizenship seems may also affect it. There is a functional aspect about which it is not worried that bra's strap that the undergarment is not transparent overflows either. It is easy for the variation of the Yasui one and the color to increase, and to use it. 」

On the other hand, to "Yahoo wisdom bag"「I with bust 78 am S size, and it is considerably fit. However, the Kitsu aspect in Mr. Gramar. 」
It seems not to be able to be said the item that there is an opinion, too that everyone can still use.

The person in charge of the PJ product development of the former rising is speaking, "If it is not a brassiere, a beautiful breast to So help me cannot be made though sticks to as an undergarment manufacturer so that the bust line may look beautiful".

The image: image of "Bra the top. " of Uniqlo to which Chiaki Kuriyama serves as Promocaractar: Seem to take an active part as outer in the total race (peach John) Http://