Movement to extend between application phases during the June-September has extended to the enterprise by "CoolBiz" that suppresses air-conditioning and advances the energy saving. The heat seemed to continue until the early fall, and casual attire that did not wear the necktie and the jacket to be established in the backdrop.

Sanyo Electric makes this year and the Culbiz period from the 1st to the end of October of June, and extends it for one month from last year that is up to the end of September. The reason for Osaka Prefecture in the headquarters that is is that there was a summer day of 25 degrees or more in the maximum air temperature for 15 days last October, and this company :. 「Because the day felt that it is hot in October is a lot of, it extends. The reduction of power saving and the heat-trapping gas can be expected. 」It makes it. 

Panasonic is a decision as for the period in each business establishment. The employee it was ..luff.. Yosoo comparatively introduced Culbiz on May 1 front loaded Shite such as a lot of marketing department hilums (Tokyo) that were this year for one month.
It was assumed that Sharp was six months of the end of a lot of May 1 two months from last year that was - October.

It can be said that the situation to date also has the enterprise that makes the period an April-November etc. Okinawa inside a prefecture as Okinawa Electric Power etc. , and the enterprise that extends for the period is going north.

On the other hand, Takashimaya extends the period when the temperature of air-conditioning is set to 28 degrees in all shops to about four times from June 1 to last year of September until the end based on casual attire's established with Culbiz that started in the summer of 05 years of this year. Only the setting of 28 degrees is 1 month of July 7th - August 6th until last year, and when it was 26-27 degrees, other inside of a store of summer is Iu.

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