"Fashion center Shimamura" of casual clothes sales (Tamano city) is popular among the young person from the latter half to the first half in one's twenties in one's teens. It is Iu in case of being to "Stripes Rar" coordinated with clothes that buy the whole body in Shimamura. It searched for the translation of excellent growth of Shimamura that the department store and the supermarket boast of the second following industry segments place (results of the period on February, '08) to Uniqlo in the inside and the specialty store sales to pant in the slump across the board in the depression.

- Pyrus tungusiana, a small amount of many varieties, and trend and "Fog" Yasui
3 minutes on foot from Takadanobaba Station of JR and subway Tozai Line (Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo). There is "Shimamura" Takadanobaba branch in the second floor of super-"Daimaru Peacock, Ltd.". It is a torso (mannequin) that caught one's eye from the entrance to first to which the coordination of the gal style such as parkas and ruffle miniskirts was applied by T-shirt with the logo.
A young female figure stands out in the store of about 500 square meters queue up from for women to clothes, the gentlemen's suit, the baby articles, and the interior goods for young women the senior citizen. The price of the anxious merchandise of the balloon court of hound'stooth is a long T-shirt 770 yen, jeans 1870-2900 yen, ballet shoes 1470 yen with the decoration of the race, and 4900 yen how. Anyway, Yasui.

Second grade of high-school in Shinagawa Ward "Came for the first time" and Hiroco (17) buy 3500 yen (pants and T-shirt) in total for two points. It is Iu when magazine "JELLY" (It is Bun or company) is seen, and it came to cousin in the first grade of high-school, Yoshiko Kubota (16), and the return in the school. 「There are a lot of clothes that are lovelier than it thought, and terrible Yasui. I'll be back next week. 」It solved and it returned smiling.

Mr. (19) surface of a river proton of the vocational school student that friend's university student, Yumi Yamaguchi (19), and socks are judged is a habitue. 「It comes 2 and 3 times a month. After all, the cheapness is good. This was bought here for 1900 yen. 」Boots was indicated about the mouton put on.
Mr. Yamaguchi seems also to have liked it , saying that "There fully though it came for the first time".

Megumi Manabe (27) of the company management is a class of the first coming to a store. 「The surprise at the cheapness. There are variously good clothes and Meutsuri. I want you to make the shop to be near though it lives in Shibuya Ward. 」It spoke.  

To tell the truth, I had been very indebted to Shimamura as it often borrowed the washroom when going to the distance to cover for about ten years when it worked for the Urawa branch (present Saitama branch) as a running out reporter by previous and car.
Shimamura is a symbol of "Country" though what though it is indebted.
It was thought, "There are only clothes that Obba put on". The fullness of the heart when thinking that the Shimamura that was uncouth (impoliteness) became a shop such popular among the young person.

Shimamura develops 1123 stores in 47 administrative divisions centering on suburbs now.
The Takadanobaba branch that opened a store in June, '07 is the only store in Yamanote Line.

Bottom line is extremely favorable, and sales of four years in the past are 325.8 billion yen ** for 06 years for the period on February, '05 296 billion yen 366.9 billion yen and right shoulder going up of * for 350.3 billion yen for 08 years for 07 years. Especially, percentage distribution that occupies it to the top line goes up every year sales from the latter half to the first half in one's twenties in one's teens, and when 5.3% for the period on February, '00 has expanded to the same period of 08 years by 6.9% and as many as 1.6 points, is Iu.

Why did Shimamura that had made "Daily fashion aiming at a housewife 20-in his fifties who lived in suburbia" a concept come to be favoured by the young person in the city?

General manager Shigeki Yota of Shimamura Policy Planning Office ..Eki (.. speaks the Shimamura igniting popularly of the charisma model for which a young woman yearns though it is said that it is a start that Mr.) wing made remarks, "Shimamura is patronized" by the telecast and the blog, "Isn't it a favoured point to obtain the one of the trend cheaply according to the same timing as the magazine etc.".

It dispatches and the marketing research in Paris, Rondon, and Milano, etc. since 00 years in this company.  5 and 6 times the age of several employees in charge of stocking「The change in the fashion is understood from going periodically, and it comes to be able to expect what becomes popular next. It came to be able to display the merchandise of the fashion based on it according to the same timing as the specialty store in Tokyo and the magazine, and to propose dressing. 」With the Yota department general manager. Moreover, it is said, "It is thought that it can have the sense of security by making it to the same all shops layout like being no hesitation at the thing wanting it even if going to which store and searchable, etc.".

"The total coordination from the jacket to the undergarment, shoes, and small articles is possible if there are 10,000 yen. "  A reason of course popular among the cheapness (Yota department general manager). In Shimamura, merchandise is a complete purchase method in the order order, without all returned goods unsold. The distribution cost is considerably suppressed because the delivery of goods is its own Butsuryusenta in eight places in the whole country, and when an affordable price can be achieved,

It is commercial development director Hiroshi Gessen to speak with "The young person is the same as Don Quijote, and enjoying it by the treasure search sense". There is books such as "Uniqlo & Shimamura complete anatomy. " and "Equation of two large megalocephalus in Uniqlo VS Shimamura specialty store overwhelmingness" ..of Mr. Gessen.., and it is an ardent Shimamura watcher.

「The merchandise of Shimamura is a small amount of many varieties. The modality of the merchandise that queues up in the shop at the same time increases to about 100 times that of Uniqlo. It is connected from the user with the enjoyment that picks up bargains while having upset the toy box. 」With Mr. Gessen.

An additional infusion is not done even if sold out in Shimamura based on "One piece of the merchandise of this variety this color same size in each store". "One of the elements accepted by the housewife and the young person from whom clothes dislike 'Put it on' with the person" and Mr. Gessen specify this. Moreover, , saying that "It was novel for the young person of a favorite surprise in the city in the country".

Does popularity continue?Mr. Gessen「Clothes of 'H&M' of casual wear and 'Zara' are favoured as a party goods of the one night in Europe and America. Also in Japan, if the idea of enjoying putting it in the hand cheaply at one season extends, the fashion one is Changsu of promotion for Shimamura. There is a possibility of the center of a city advancement, too, when the future when the number of empty floors increases. 」Tomiru.

It doesn't seem to be able to take one's eyes off Shimamura still.