Bra the top

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Uniqlo held the symposium of the new product of casual wear "Bra the top" for women with the pad in Tokyo on the 13th.
Actress Chiaki Kuriyama (24) appears in the symposium putting on the camisole of the pink of "Bra the top" by CM character.
「Stylish somewhere has not been forgotten though it is simple. It is very happy for various variations to exist, and to wear. 」With the Pulmonary regurgitation lingua.

Uniqlo installed the cup last summer in wear, puts "Bra the top" that the brassiere is unnecessary on the market, and is a log lingua as for the smash hit that sells about three million pieces.

A new item such as dresses is an enrichment lingua in addition this year as for the merchandise lineup. Sales in foreign countries begin in full scale, too. The price : from 1500 yen. It aims at a domestic and foreign match at the season of summer of spring and about 3 about nine million proportion times sell last year.

Emi Shirai Wimenz mixing depth Director-General of Uniqlo「There are a steady holding feeling and sense of security that supports the breast. The high of the percentage of completion that can be put on by this one also on the outside. 」It spoke.  

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Latest work "Bra" of a unique brassiere in which Trimp of the undergarment manufacturer had reflected the people was announced for the 13th.

Recently, brassiere that pays attention to language of topic and "" with television and newspaper and magazine, etc. , and assists in woman who starts "" in Japan advanced by marrying late and making to non-for other party of ideal.
"Bra" images a white wedding dress, and stops the wedding ring to bra's center, and it inserts and countdown can be stopped.
The marriage report submission necessary seal impression and ballpoint are storage in the bra aspect.
Article not for sale.

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