Casual clothes chain "Zara" of Spain opening a store in Amupraza Kagoshima in Kagoshimashi in the end of November has understood the 19th.
Europe of provided "Fastofastion" becomes the first in Southern Kyushu advancement clothes of a handy price in which the fashion is reflected.

Zara opens to the first floor where the tenant for women queues up according to the Kagoshima terminal building where Amupraza is managed.
The floor space is about 300 square meters that are more small-scale than an existing store (800-1500 square meters). It is expected that good traded will be squeezed to the women's wear etc.

Amupraza : during a large-scale renewal following this spring aiming at the Kyushu Shinkansen whole line practice in March next year.
Existing 35 shops are redecorated, and first in Kagoshima both of the four shops open a store in September besides Zara.

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