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"Stockings plus" that unites leggings of the trend and the knee high socks to stockings appears.
Two items "Leggings style stockings" and "Knee high style stockings" that produces a refreshing silhouette without the difference are prepared.

The integration of a black cloth of 70 deniers and thin flesh-colored stockings is achieved by an improvement of the mechanical performance and an advanced adjustment technology.
It is seen a lot when leggings and the knee high socks are worn, and the worries such as "Shoes slippage with stockingless legs" and "Slip down socks" can be eliminated.

Both 1365 yen. It puts it on the market at PLAZA and the department store in online shop ( and the whole country on the ninth. Toll-free number 0120.007416

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It put on the market ..gentleman's chinos.. ..850 yen.. overwhelmingly and at a low price in Seiyu and the LIVIN120 store, and it announced.  Seiyu (Tokyo Kitaku) was September 3, and

Goods in stock of 850 yen series of great popularity are enhanced by using the global merchandise procurement net of the parent company Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. ink, and putting popular chinos on the market as man's basic wear.

The merchandise put on the market this time is chinos of a basic design to which the layer at a wide age can be worn.
The no tuck design where the waist surroundings are refreshingly seen is adopted, and 11 waist sizes and 3 kinds of the length are arranged. Zantedeschia aethiopica K.Spreng. are two colors (the beige and the navy blue).

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Casual clothes chain "Zara" of Spain opening a store in Amupraza Kagoshima in Kagoshimashi in the end of November has understood the 19th.
Europe of provided "Fastofastion" becomes the first in Southern Kyushu advancement clothes of a handy price in which the fashion is reflected.

Zara opens to the first floor where the tenant for women queues up according to the Kagoshima terminal building where Amupraza is managed.
The floor space is about 300 square meters that are more small-scale than an existing store (800-1500 square meters). It is expected that good traded will be squeezed to the women's wear etc.

Amupraza : during a large-scale renewal following this spring aiming at the Kyushu Shinkansen whole line practice in March next year.
Existing 35 shops are redecorated, and first in Kagoshima both of the four shops open a store in September besides Zara.

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Special shop street "The fifth street (Ufantie)" that makes a Japanese brand Maine opens under the soil in the beginning of August, and it crowds with young people about shopping mall "Rashiro (Malochon)" that externals of the globe are unique.

The specialty store in Japan such as "Peach John (Chinese greatness and Momoha)" of the undergarment that becomes Mujirushi-Ryohin, franc franc of general merchandise, and Segami and the first in continental in China branch shop of the drugstore queues up by about 20 shops, and the way of Chika Eki in Japan.

The voice "It is glad to complete the shop that traveled to Japan and had come to like it" was asked.

- Becoming the first in continent in China landing and sea"Peach John"

- Peach John

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