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Same-store sales of the domestic Uniqlo business in December that Fast Retailing that developed casual clothes chain "Uniqlo" had announced on the fifth became minus of the previous year serial for the this moon proportion 15.5% decrease and five months.
The temperature at the sales battle period of Christmas in the end of changed higher than the average year, and sales of the winter clothing merchandise including main force's functionality clothes "Heat Tec" languished.

The mild winter trend continued, and after the 20th the jingle-jangle shopping spree, it rose especially more than the average year by 4-6 degrees, and sales of winter clothing were hit directly centering on North Japan in December.
As much as 10 percent is a setback lingua compared with the previous year this moon the number of guests.

This company is analysis , saying that "There was a reactionary that had continued the establishment commemoration sale on the 60th anniversary until year-end at the previous year".
Being not able to come up with the effective marquee strategy as the commercial deployment in the television was suppressed at the previous year also affected it.

The deployment lingua straightening and the customer transaction were positively dropped the price cut sales drastic this year as 6.1% decrease while the this moon of the previous year in addition to this had been sold by the fixed price because sales as heat Tec entered the state of the shortage of stock had been shown.

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Http://www.sankeibiz.jp/business/news/110105/bsc1101051707002-n1.htm Fast Retailing http://www.fastretailing.com/jp/

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Fast Retailing that developed casual wear "Uniqlo" clarified a domestic manager and about 900 all members of the executive job of the headquarters in total aiming at the enlargement of the Uniqlo business in foreign countries on the eighth and the policy of making human affairs be reshuffled to overseas office administration in several years was clarified. This company aims expanding the top line in foreign countries to the level more than the country in five years, and thinks that they acquire an international experience in executives, and stand by the head of the overseas deployment in the future.

The number of stores of term-end overseas Uniqlo in August, 2010 is 136 shops, and sales breakdown by division that occupies it to the entire Uniqlo business is 10.7%.
The enlargement of the one-step of the foreign operation including Europe and America and China is hurried up as Southeast Asia and the branch shop in China are hardened as the first shop in Malaysia is opened in November.

It is necessary to open 300 shops a year to achieve foreign sales more than the country.
Therefore, it of the manager in about 800 domestic stores and about 100 people more than the section chief employment to work for the Tokyo headquarters etc. decided to be moved sequentially to the base and the store in overseas various places. The experience of the store operation in the country is made the best use of, the branch shop of the overseas branch ties, and the experience in foreign countries ties to a local personnel training besides the speed is improved.

Moreover, the diversification to Vietnam and Bangladesh of the production extreme has been risked by centering on China is advanced, and it is discussed to dispatch it to such a country by 100 person dimension about the employee of the product development and the production department.

Moreover, the idea that the educational institution that promotes the manager of the next generation to Europe and America that becomes an overseas sales base, China, and Southeast Asia also sets up.

A Yanai positive chairman and the president
「It is thought that the dimension of a business overseas of us exceeds the dimension of the business of Japan in about 15 years from 14 years. He or she is foreigner's employee, the manager is a Japanese employee at that time, and the number of managers is exceeded. 」It made, and the Japanese employee's internationalization was judged to have to advance it further.

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Http://www.sankeibiz.jp/business/news/101208/bsd1012081333008-n1.htm Fast Retailing http://www.fastretailing.com/jp/stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=9983

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Uniqlo improved, and put the sweater that was able to machine wash on the market.
High-level cotton from the United States is used and it is Iu when having made it to touch Ona et al..
Shape was not made easy to change for the worse the shrinkage though it washed with the knitting together ..the string and the cotton of the regret nylon...
The price is six merchandise in the total of the man and woman, and is an including tax 1990 yen or 2990 yen.

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The http://www.asahi.com/shopping/news/TKY201012160141.html image
- Fast Retailing http://www.fastretailing.com/jp /Uniqlo http://www.uniqlo.com/jp/
Sweater "Washable knit" that can be washed with the washing machine for 15 days December, 2010 changes the common sense of the sweater The http://www.uniqlo.com/jp/corp/pressrelease/2010/12/121515_knit.html image :.

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"I read Drucker by the turning point turning point of the life and return it. "--。
Yanai positive chairman and president (61) who leads Fast Retailing of the millionaire of the top of Japan and the clothes retail Asia biggest business by net assets 9.2 billion dollars (about 761 billion yen) recollect it so written by Sagan.
The Mr. Yanai is about to get over a new turning point with Drucker as the weapon now.

The Yanai chairman suddenly suffered from the accident in this autumn. A serial highest profit came to light the log and this term (period on August, 2011) a drastic decrease after an interval of seven months of seven years in September a domestic top line of casual clothes brand "Uniqlo" and breaking off came to light, too.
It remains seeing off the business strategy briefing that has been held in September every year.

The Yanai chairman as a past turning point enumerates time when management was inherited and the listing of stock from father and it has enumerated after the fleece boom at the decision lingua. The blockbuster after Tec of the exoergic heat insulation clothes heat is not found now and earnings receive the corner. The stock price will be 40% downfall lingua from the end of last year to this autumn.

Japan company..investigation..analyze..Japan..Dipterocarpus tuberculatus..best..Daiwa..analyst..Rite..Iri..last year..latter half..merchandise..pass..foci..do..inventory..collect..dispose..vicious cycle..fall into..specify..merchandise..strategy..trajectory correction..necessity..stress.

Mr. Yanai will expand Iri's F Rite top line to 24 times in 16 years until the previous term and expanded the net profit to 47 times.
The mainspring is merchandise that succeeds in the client creation such as fleeces. "Client creation" and this are the significance of existences of the enterprise and the manager whom Mr. Yanai learnt from Drucker in shape as for the merchandise that doesn't exist in the world though there is client's latent demand.
Mr. Yanai tries to recognize the client creation again now, and to challenge even clothes manufacturing retail (SPA) enterprise in the world like ZARA and the gap, etc.

- "It understands really and practice. "
「There is only one effective definition as a purpose of the enterprise. Specifically, the creation of the client. 」It solves and Peter Drucker explains.
The outlook that sells 1.21 million by the business book "The girl manager of high school baseball reads Drucker's 'Management'. " and (Diamond, Inc.) in Japan, and becomes this year's best-seller.
Mr. Yanai is practicing Drucker's philosophy of management before this Drucker boom.

CEO Shuhei Abe who leads the Sparks group in the 2nd place in Asia in the hedge fund says, "Drucker is 1 of the very few managers who can really understand thought and the philosophy and be doing the practice though are a lot of favorite managers" about Mr. Yanai. It serves as outside director Sparks for 05-two years, and Mr. Yanai's alternating current is deep with CEO Abe also who is the golf companion.

Is amelioration power in Iri F Rite that the other companies cannot mimic as for the client creation. ――。
The consulting is undertaken in 1990, and Mr. Takaharu Yasumoto who took it to the auditor in 93 specifies it.
When the person can do honest work advanced by one step every day, Mr. Yanai is criticized. 「The fleece is who has made the amelioration and the improvement for 17 years. I think the controlling undergarment (style improvement inner) to be an explosion somewhere. 」It expects it.  - The chairman Tsutomu Okuda of the second place in domestic department store J reception desk retailing to which a big reform and the revolution do not occur easily also is glancing describing the retail business to Toyota about Mr. Yanai's Iri F Rite, "There is an element that connects with the reform and causes a big revolution when the amelioration of every day of every day is advanced".

It acknowledges the superiority of Iri's F Rite amelioration power also even in Toyota Motor of originator "Chi Zen".
Toyota that kept worrying due to the liquor problem invited Mr. Yanai in May and held an in-house lecture meeting. Material after it makes introductory remarks as the confirmation lingua though vice-president Akira of Watanabe was not able to attend directly「It is thought that the client is often seen and it comes and there is a learnt part. The client might have been valued because it went out of the provinces named Yamaguchi and it grew. 」
With the assessment lingua.

Iri F Rite reached even the fifth place in the world in SPA at last with thought and the amelioration power as the weapon of the client creation gross of Shi Drucker. Henes of Sweden Phoenix zeylanica tex, U.S. gap of Spain that develops ZARA, and & Moritz (H&M) and limited rice brands follow to the head position.

- New client creation merchandise not seen
Such SPA has accelerated entering to Japan that is Iri's F Rite base ground.
ZARA is 54 shops, gaps are 116 shops, and H&M develops ten shops domestically.
Japanese power puts the heat fact on the market by the ion in the second place in domestic retail in rivalry with heat Tec, and is a full-scale entry lingua in SPA from the sales battle in the winter of autumn.
Takashimaya also sold the SPA entry and it began to sell the assertion and the Capra hircus sweater, etc. from old goods for 7000-8000 yen in Yasui.

Similar merchandise has already gone out to the client creation merchandise that Mr. Yanai invented in the past.
The blockbuster that leads to a new client creation doesn't appear in Mr. Yanai in this.
Neither underwear fine Sala for the summer typed out nor an ultralight down, etc. that stress lightness grow up in 26 million fleeces that sell every year and heat Tec that super-.. sells it by 100 million totals as large-scale merchandise though begin to appear as part is sold out etc. the yield.

Mr. Yanai described about the large-scale merchandise candidate in the future in the interview this summer, "The one of goodness when there were merchandise and such something that not was before almost goes up to the difficulty". The yield has not been seen yet though it concentrates on the development of the client creation merchandise that continuously uses new material.

- With Drucker
Mr. Yanai launched "Top line five trillion yen plan" last autumn when the 60th birthday was faced.
It will aim at 6.1 times the sales dimension at the previous term by 20 years including the merger and acquisition of growth and the enterprise of oneself who makes the client creation a pillar (M&A). The desire of becoming the good in the world exceeding ZARA and the gap is put in five trillion yen.
Mr. Yanai displayed resolve again about this plan in the interview in October, "Will expand it from six billion person 100 million person object to the business of the object".

If it keeps creating the client and bottom line is not recovered, such a plan is merely a pie in the sky and it becomes it.
The successor upbringing in which the talent's securing and promotion failed before because of the pressing need is requested.

There is not a lot of time left by Mr. Yanai who declares the president retirement up to 65 years old. It is said, "Can ..his language.. courage at time, and it is thought that the back has been had ..Mr. Yanai.." about "Great giant", "Large benefactor", and Drucker who devotes oneself, and the day when it challenges continues to the client creation of Drucker to one hand.


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Fast Retailing that developed casual garments shop Uniqlo clarified that executive's promotion base was newly made in four places in foreign countries such as not only Tokyo but also China and seas and Singapore.
About 200 people are selected all over the world and it trains.
The overseas deployment is accelerated, and it aims at an international personnel training.

A Yanai positive chairman and the president of Fast Retailing showed by the policy clarification in 2011 for in-house.
After this year, the base is expanded to New York, Paris, Shanghai, and Singapore though executive's promotion base was made in Tokyo.
The Hitotsubashi University graduate school and the collaboration lingua are trained in Tokyo, and it is scheduled to cooperate with a local university and the institution also in foreign countries.

Uniqlo values foreign countries, and each one trillion yen and assertion of the top line at which it aims in ten years in Japan, China, and Asia, the United States, and Europe.
Mr. Yanai assumes, "To do the work of a high all over the world level, the senior management is promoted in various places" for achievement.

The source
Http://www.asahi.com/business/update/0105/TKY201101050003.html Fast Retailing http://www.fastretailing.com/jp/stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=9983

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