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Fast Retailing's that develops casual clothes "Uniqlo" making 1050 people who hit about 80 percent of new employee adoptions in 2012 a foreigner has understood the third.
The branch shop of the pace 300 shops a year is planned centering on Asia such as China in the future, and Fastori increases the number of executives candidates of the foreigner who appoints it also as the management department of the headquarters besides a local manager, and accelerates the overseas deployment.

The recruitment activity has already been advanced as the inclusion of Europe and America, China, and the region of the unadvancement besides South Korea etc. , and holding a briefing at a local university, etc.

1250 of 1500 are made a foreigner for 12 years for 1050 of 1300 of the adoption schedules and as many as 13 years.
750 of about 1000 of 11 years informal decisions of the adoption are already foreigners, and the proportion has exceeded 70 percent.

The foreign employment provides similar to the Japanese neither or age limit, and the midway in addition to the new graduate of the university and the graduate school graduation is targeted.
The entrance examination does the internship when the operational experience of the store is done the written examination and three times of the interview thoroughly to the adoption in the principle and Japan.

This enlargement in all almost countries where the store exists though the recruitment activity is done by 4countries(Ha Britain, China, South Korea, and present Taiwan).
Briefing intended for the notice and 3 and 4th university grader of the poster is held in the brand-name college in each country.
In addition, the student in the region of the unadvancement such as Europe and South America is scheduled to target it, too.

After it joins a company, not only the executive job of the company incorporated abroad but also it works as a manager in the locale and foreign countries, and top-class personnel appoint it as the senior management such as directors in the Fastori headquarters.
Also in a domestic store, 1/3 will be Iu from 1/4 of the whole when the future when the foreigner will serve as the manager.

In Fastori, the policy of making all about 900 people like an executive job etc. of a Japanese manager and the headquarters work in foreign countries within five years is come up with, and the employee's making to Grobarl for the achievement of the overseas top line ratio 50 percent or more is hurried up.

The source
Http://www.iza.ne.jp/news/newsarticle/business/retail/489704/Fast Retailing http://www.fastretailing.com/jp/stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=9983

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