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The Aeon starts the productAeon consignment such as garments by the end of 2012 in Turkey.
ProductAeon is consigned to a local manufacturer, and the gentleman and the woman clothes etc. of the high quality are sold by synthesizing the Aeon super-(GMS).
When the utilizatAeon rate of the shop where the productAeon of high-level brand items of Europe is undertaken has decreased in Turkey in the background of the economic crisis of Europe, it is Iu.

It was judged that the system to supply high-level garments etc. without putting the cost was able to be constructed if the enterprise in Turkey that room was to productAeon capacity was used. It is unusual that the general merchandise store of Japan produces in Turkey.

I will want to begin the garments productAeon in Turkey in the same year at latest in 12 first six months of the terms of year if it is early.
A final adjustment is being done now.
Garments produced in Turkey are sold in the counter of operating directly that comparatively handles a high-level product in the general merchandise store of the Aeon.

The source
Http://www.nikkan.co.jp/news/nkx1120120106aaaa.html Aeon http://www.aeon.info/stock price http://www.nikkei.com/markets/company/index.aspx?scode=8267

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